For beginners, it is recommended to start using the device the first week 1 hour a day. The force of the traction used has to be between 800g and 1000g in this first week. The second week you can use it 2 hours a day, and the force of the traction can be between 900g and 1200g. The third week the device can already be used for 3 hours with a tensile force of 1200g. Thus, progressively increase the hours of use with each week so that the penis can adapt more easily to the traction that is exerted on it. From the sixth week, the device can be used 6 hours daily and the traction force reaches 1200g to 2000g.

Once you reached the usage of 6 hours per day, you can go on with your personal established pattern. Reaching your goals depends on the hours of usage and the traction involved.