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Absolute Intimate Penis Extender is an effective system for penis enlargement. This pulling force system makes use of the scientific factor that the human body adapts to the tension. Absolute Intimate Penis Extender for penis lengthening is recognized not only medically for its effectiveness but also as a medical product of class I by the European Health Authority and is prescribed daily by urologists worldwide in many countries.

The success is proven in over 97.5% for lasting effect in length and diameter. There are many manufacturers of penis lengthening systems but our review showed us that Absolute Intimate Penis Extender is the highest quality of all available products. The metal bars of the Absolute Intimate Penis Extender are made of nickel and are covered by a 24k gold plating to prevent allergic reaction or irritation.

Absolute Intimate Penis Extender is an effective and safe method for penis enlargement.

Please note this product is suitable for penis sizes up to 24cm (9.1 inches).

Absolute Intimate Penis Extender contains:

1 Base Unit
1 Multifunctional front piece
1 Silicon tube
1 Comfort strap
1 Comfort cushion
4 Extension pieces 1.97 inch/5 cm
2 Extension pieces 1.18 inch/3 cm
2 Extension pieces 1.38 inch/3.5 cm
1 Hard shell travel case
Lifetime warranty

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 31.5 × 29.5 × 8 cm

11 reviews for Absolute Intimate Penis Extender

  1. Dave

    This is the best Penis Extender I have found on the market in terms of affordability and quality. Why should one pay much more for brand recognition of a device you never show off? After using Absolute Intimate Penis Extender I have the penis size I always wanted and have more enjoyment during sex and with my partner and a deep feeling of satisfaction with myself.

  2. Phil

    I have tested other extenders on the market and felt always puzzled because of the elaborated instructions that came with them. This extender however comes with an easy to understand video instructions and I was good to go in minutes.

  3. John

    With the Absolute Intimate Penis Extender I could reach my size goals after using it for 6 months. With the desirable length and girth came a deep feeling of satisfaction with myself. Great Extender.

  4. George W.

    Thanks to this extender I could add length and girth to my penis. since then my sexlife has improved significantly and with it my relationship.

  5. Tommy H.

    My penis wasn’t perfectly straight. It bent up when erected. Sometimes this caused some discomfort for me and my partner when having sex. Thanks to the Absolute Intimate Penis Extender I could straighten my penis significantly in addition to increase in length and girth. All that gives me more personal confidence.

  6. Salvatore, Italy

    I was suffering of a small penis and poor erection. The combined use of the penis pump plus the penis extender gave fantastic results. I will carry on with the enlargement process although I’ve gained remarkably in size and can achieve a firm erection. Thank you for all the support during this time.

  7. Tony Rosenfeld

    This penis extender is easy to use and the quality is top. I have used 2 other extenders before, but the parts got broken again and again, I have been using the Absolute Intimate Penis Extender for more than 5 months and I have not broken a part yet. Absolutely recommended product.

  8. Andrew S., Perth

    I bought the Absolute Intimate Penis Extender system over a year ago. At first, I tried it first without comfort cushion around my glans. So far that is quite comfortable for most of the time, but when pulling off the silicone tube seems it seams to stick to the glans. I finally used teh comfort cushion, which workes great and it is nice to wear. My wife agrees that my penis has grown by more than 1.5 inch and she can feel me in deeper, although I wear the extender only about 2-3 times a week.

    I also use a penis pump to support the extender.

  9. Richard, Waco

    To tell the truth, I was afraid to use penis stretcher of being hurt and wasting my money.

    But I don’t regret taking a chance 7 months ago and ordering Absolute Intimate Penis Extender..

    In the beginning I wore it too often and my penis felt numb for some days. I then put it aside for a few days and started to use it only 1-2 hours a day before going to bed. Now my penis is clearly longer and bigger, about 2.5 cm more upright. I’m sure if I wear the extender more often, the results will be even better.

    Absolute Intimate has increases my confidence!

  10. Lars H., M.

    Since using the Penis Extender from Absolute Intimate my penis has become much longer and thicker and the erection is much harder than before. I used to have very little sex with my wife but now she can not get enough of it and waits impatiently for me to get back from work. And yesterday we even cancelled an invitation from a friend because we just could not stop having sex.

  11. Jack Duval

    Absolutely fantastic on all counts. Perfect!

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