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We are a professional company dedicated to offering the best products related to men’s sexual health, and our 25 years of experience in this industry enables us to bring something different and effective on the table. At our company, you’ll always have access to products that allow for sexual fulfillment and unparalleled confidence.

We recognize just how important it is for a man to have confidence in the bedroom. The confidence of a penis that is responsive and impressive will allow you to put any mental blocks on the shelf, so you can rock any woman’s world beneath the sheets.

Founded in 1993, we’ve seen others in our industry come and go. We maintain our presence in this field because we use the highest quality products and focus on actually solving problems. While others give solutions that put a band-aid on a complex problem, our products serve as a potent weapon that will put your sexual issues aside for good. What’s best is that you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for our products like you would with pills and other treatments.

Who Is Absolute Intimate

We strive to build better men.

A man’s ability to please in bed affects his self-esteem, confidence and the way he carries himself. We’re so certain that our products will revolutionize your sex life, that we offer a best price guarantee. The sooner you get our products in your hands, the sooner you’ll reap the rewards. We’ll also give you 30 days to return a product if you’re not satisfied – no questions asked.

Laying out these variables cuts out the guess work and allows you to start getting some firepower between the sheets as soon as possible.

Remember the joy and wonder you had when you first discovered sex?

Even catching a glimpse of a topless woman was enough to send you to cloud nine. However, once adult life comes, work gets in the way and hang-ups begin to mount, stripping naked and getting down to business can even become a mental chore.

With our products, we not only guarantee that you’ll get that elusive spark back to rev your engine, we also guarantee that you won’t find a comparable product anywhere else. Sure, you’ll find some products that will get you results – but we stand by our combination of affordability and quality. With products crafted with Swiss quality control and long lasting durability, you’ll never have to question whether you’re making the right purchase or getting your money’s worth with us.

Our company is solid not only in the performance of products, but also our ability to deliver impeccable service. Customers leave us glowing reviews not just about the superiority of our products, but the speediness in which they get them.

Resellers love working with us because we ship all around the world in 3 to 5 business days, provide top notch photos and 3D animation to help you promote the products on your site and provide drop shipping services.

You’ll get the largest measure of satisfaction and cost-effectiveness when you do business with us, so what are you waiting for? Jump-start your business and ooze confidence by shopping through our line of products today.

Our Crazy Skills

Cost Awareness, Efficient Handling, Finest Quality
Prices That Beats The Competition
Pioneering New Production Lines To Deliver Sleek Products
Quality Products To Offer You Lifetime Warranty

Meet Our Team

Evelina ValentinovaCustomer Relations
Evelina looks after our appreciated customers. With her you will be talking about our products and services. She will always help you to find the best solution for your request and needs.
Peter WeberProject and Sourcing
Peter is the one who makes sure that all your orders and request will be fulfilled in the best possible way with short lead time, efficient handling and to meet your requirements.
Our Team Of Partner Companies
A large team of skilled professionals in manufacturing constantly source the highest quality materials and run our products through a series of tests before releasing them to the market.

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